Great Landlords use SevenBee

Organise communication with your tenants to a centralised, secure and easily accessible location. Property Management for your customer service teams made easy.

Coming soon. The perfect solution for property managers

SevenBee adds elegant efficiency to communication between landlords and tenants.

Property Management

Enjoy having all your properties in one place, organised, secured, and easily accessible

Broadcast And Private Messaging

Keep everyone in the loop and easily track related conversations

File Storage

Store contracts, photos, videos and other documents related to a tenancy

How SevenBee works

Collaboration made easy

Life balanced. Work better with your team and colleagues to resolve tenants issues.


You can now track the status of a reported maintenance issue & easily respond to queries


Stay updated through app notifications

File Sharing

Share contracts, photos, videos, and other documents with multiple users

Better Property Management is on the way.

Coming soon to web, iOS and Android. Sign up to get notified once our platform is available.

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