What is SevenBee?

SevenBee is the easiest and most efficient way for landlords and tenants to communicate. Calls, emails, and texts have been the conventional modes of communication used by tenants and landlords today. SevenBee has been built as an alternative which aims to improve their communications.

With SevenBee, users can report issues relating to their tenancy, discuss through solutions, check work progress, and much more. You can send messages, photos, videos and other files relating to your property.

SevenBee provides a centralised location for daily interactions. It can be used by either the landlord or tenant even if the other party does not have the app installed or is not registered on the platform. It is the easiest and most efficient way for landlords and tenants to communicate.

Who is SevenBee for?

SevenBee is for any tenant, landlord or property manager who wants to improve communications related to tenancy.

Property managers will enjoy having all the day to day communications about their properties in one place, well organised and easy to access. It will help them track issues and know more about their properties without having to search through emails from tenants mixed with other internal and external communications. Tenants will enjoy being able to quickly, securely and easily communicate with their landlords about issues they may be having with their tenancy.

Users can send messages, photos, videos, and other files to enable their landlords get a clearer idea of the issues they may be facing. Within a few steps, your landlord can be notified of an issue, see photos (if necessary) and get you the help you need without you having to get on a computer or wait on a call queue on the helpline.

Can I install SevenBee on my phone or use it on my desktop computer? Does SevenBee work on an iPhone? And also other phones?

SevenBee is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can download the app on your Android (Google Pixel, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.) from the Google Android store. You can also register on the SevenBee website directly if you prefer to use it on your computer rather than on your mobile.

How do I register my property?

Its quick and easy to register your property either as a tenant or landlord and start using SevenBee immediately. After you have installed SevenBee on your phone, simply input the address you wish to register on SevenBee, input the email of your landlord/tenant, choose whether you are a landlord, tenant or property manager and you are good to go! You can now send and receive messages using the app.

The registered landlord/tenant/property agent will receive an email informing them you have registered them on SevenBee and will now be communicating with them through the platform.

What’s more? Your landlord/tenant/property manager does not need to be on SevenBee to communicate with you. If you send them a message via SevenBee, they will receive it as an email. If they reply, you will receive it in your SevenBee account. They also have the option to register on SevenBee, with all their historic messages already there.

Can I use SevenBee after I move houses? Will my account still be active on my previous property?

Absolutely. All you need to do is register your new property and remove your old property. It’s simple and straightforward. Your account will remain the same with your profile details and you will continue to enjoy all the available SevenBee functionalities.

If by some chance you go back to your old property and re-register it, you will see your old messages and continue to use it seamlessly.

There's illegal and unwanted content from my landlord or tenant, how do I report the issue?

Simply click on the Contact us link in the About page or send us an email at [email protected]. We will quickly address the issue and keep you updated about how it’s progressed and next steps.

Will this replace email, phone and mail for ALL my tenancy communications?

SevenBee is designed to replace all your day-to-day communications with your tenant, landlord or property manager. It is easy to use, secure, and improves your interactions. These communications could include Tenancy Agreements, Contracts, and References. Your landlord or tenant may still use the other means of communications like phone calls, if they wish to do so.